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Lawn Care


The weather is still suitable for creating and repairing new lawns with turf or seed and probably will be through till the end of October.
You may need to strengthen your lawn for winter by applying an autumn lawn feed which is high in potassium to strengthen the roots. Avoid using old summer feeds as these are high in Nitrogen which at the wrong time of year could encourage lawn diseases.

Other lawn care may be required depending on the condition of your lawn, such as scarifying. This will not only remove some of the moss, but its maint purpose is to reduce the layer of dead material that builds up called thatch. 

Following scarifying is an opportunity to apply nematodes if you're struggling with badgers rooting your lawn up looking for Chafer Grubs, eliminating these grubs will reduce their food source in your lawn meaning they won't target it the following season.

Aeration is another important process, it helps get oxygen to the roots and aids drainage. Following aeration top dressings can be applied so as to improve the soil properties for your lawn.


Trees, shrubs and climbers


As trees start to loose their leaves it is a sign that they are going dormant for winter. At this point you can look at any major pruning works which were held off over the summer, not only for the trees health but for nesting birds too.

Climbing roses can now be cut back to a couple of buds from their main framework.

As late summer flowering shrubs finish flowering they can be tidied and cut back this month.

Most hedges can now also have their final trim of the year to see them through the winter looking neat and tidy.





You can start planting your spting bulbs. Daffodils are traditionally planted September/early October for best results. Tulips are best left until November. There are many other bulbs to choose from so visit a garden centre to see whats available.
Its okay to plant new perennials as the ground is still warm but moist and they will have time to establish before winter. You can also buy spring-flowering bedding plants such as Bellis, Primula, wallflowers, and violas.
Continue cutting back any perennials that are fading and dying down.

It's probably time to clear out your summer bedding and replace with winter pansies or similar.
Divide any overgrown clumps of alpines and herbaceous perennials (such as crocosmias) to invigorate them and improve flowering next year.
You can still apply weedkillers to kill most perennial weeds through till the end of October.

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